Bad communication Mister Jucnker

It is most amusing what has befallen poor old unpopular President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. His team had the bright idea of scoring a communications victory on YouTube by presenting a “human” President who was going to speak about his dog Plato, his new mobile phone or his definition of happiness. Apparently this kind of module is all the rage in the USA…

Laetitia Nadji claims that she was put under pressure by YouTube to conduct a « good » interview with Juncker.

The most charming young YouTuber Laetitia Nadji, who was given the task of carrying out a « light » interview with the Commission President, asked her internet friends which questions she should ask him.

And all the hard questions came out! The departure of José Manuel Barroso to Goldman Sachs, which advised Greece over its lies to the Euro-zone, the role of lobby organisations in the Parliament and the Commission (Round-up), or even the legitimacy of Jean-Claude Juncker, the fraudster-in-chief of Luxembourg in the fight against tax evasion.


Laetitia Nadji clearly refused to play the game and to pander to the Luxemburger.

As she explained to her 62,000 subscribers, Laetitia was surprised to have been chosen since her Facebook page is focussed mainly on welfare and ecology. The young Frenchwoman also admits not to know anything about politics. The choice is finally made clear when you see the true intentions of YouTube and the communications services of the Commission behind this “light” interview..

Juncker – with a certain degree of humour – got into the spirit, however surprised he was at falling into such a horrible trap.

We do not believe that Laetitia will be called back for another interview….

see for yourselves: