Climate realists present their case at the European Parliament

The European Commission and a majority of parties and countries represented at the European Parliament still repeat the alarmist mantra: let’s stop global warming quickly or the world is doomed… Under the relentless action of the Greens, the major dominant parties in Europe have gone so far in endorsing the human-made “climate change” theory, that it is impossible for them to admit that this is leading nowhere. All these parties, such as Merkel’s Social Christians or French Socialists have bought into it, to the brim…

So after the COP21 conference in Paris, Europe is preparing a “legally enforceable agreement” that nobody will enforce. The COP21 will not be implemented. Everybody knows it, but the present gesture politics is such that governments will try at enormous expenses to implement it in Europe, while India or China will not lift a finger.

That is why Roger Helmer, the British MEP from UKIP, invited all MEPS, members of staff and people working at the European parliament, as well as the European press corps and interested parties from the outside, to see the film “Climate Hustle”, co-authored by Marc Morano, a political advocacy expert from the American think-tank “Climate depot” (, part of the larger CFact-organisation (, that regroups the most prominent climate realists in the USA.

Morano Helmer
Quite a feat for Roger Helmer (UKIP – ADDE) to organize a “climate realism” projection at the European Parliament, where climate alarmism is considered as “normality”

The one-hour long film states that basing a climate “policy” on the last 150 years without taking the cycle pattern of the last 10 000 years into account, and zooming onto one single variable, CO2, is preposterous. Climate alarmism has become more strident lately, as panic sets in among the IPCC prophets of doom. No Al (Gore), the Arctic is not free of ice in the summer since you predicted for 2014. This summer of 2016, there were 4 million km² of ice at the beginning of August. And there seems to be a lull in the earth warming for the last 12 years at least.

Marc Morano is the charismatic co-author of the film “Climate hustle”, denouncing the global warming theories as what they are: theories without a serious base…
Marc Morano is the charismatic co-author of the film “Climate hustle”, denouncing the global warming theories as what they are: theories without a serious base…

For Roger Helmer, it is very doubtful that human activity has significantly modified the climate over the last 150 years, but “there is a separate debate; it is what will be the effects of the “green” policy imposed on Europe. We are actually driving our energy-intensive industries and businesses away, out of Europe. But the twist is that if your aluminium-smelter or your chemical plant is transferred to China, you will emit more CO2 per ton produced over there (about double the CO2)! So we hit our balance of payments, we de-industrialize Europe and we increase the CO2 emissions. This does not work… We must absolutely change our energy policies”.

The European Energy Forum has announced that the energy-intensive industries are on the brink of closing in Europe. The commercial figures show indeed for example that Europe produces less and less aluminium, but that the use and the imports are increasing.


Europe shouldn’t hide behind pleasant figures. Yes, the old continent only represents 10% of global CO2 emissions, but one needs to add imports from outside Europe, and the CO2 emissions it caused. It brings then the European level to 25% of global CO2 emissions.