European migrant crisis: implement proper checks or suffer the political consequences

Brexit has given the British holiday a new lease of life, whether that be the renewed idea of a staycation or the sudden surge in tourism coming from outside of the European Union into Britain.

Britain over the last week has for the first time started to accept child refugees. They have started to come across and be processed in Croydon, however it has become very apparent that there has not been any reasonable or sensible vetting process of these “children”, and it transpires that they have been taken at their word that they are indeed under the age of 18.

Pictures shortly followed showing what can only be described as full grown men getting off a bus and heading for the Croydon processing centre, these pictures then, for obvious reasons, caused an online outpouring of outrage as people started to question the age of these “child” refugees. This was swiftly followed by a David Davies MP, a Conservative Member of Parliament, calling for dental checks to be put in place to ensure that we are only taking in genuine children.

Faux outrage came pouring out from the liberal elite in regards to these comments calling people who advocated proper dental age checks as racist and hideous people. This came from multi-millionaires such as ex-footballer and BBC presenter Gary Lineker and multi-millionaire singer Lilly Allen who went to Callais and “apologised” on behalf of Britain for the questioning of the validity of the 18-year-old and under refugees we were having shoved down our throats.

We are totally right to question the validity of the claims that these you people are in fact the age they say they are. First of all, if we are not properly checking and allowing them in we are denying a child who is genuinely in need of the coveted spot that is being selfishly taken by someone lying to get into this country, the second being we are allowing these “child” refugees to be treated as children and as such they will have to be intergraded into the school system and work alongside young vulnerable people, if it was a British person pretending to be under 18 and gaining access to school and British children the anger and vilification would be deafening from the mainstream media.

This is not a question of being racist or a being an uncaring person. It is a case of reality and making sure we do not ignore something that could come back to bite us much like the mass immigration policy of Germany has come back to bite them.