In Belgium, leftists judges attack the government!

This has never happened, even in the most politicized justice systems in Europe, such as the Italian or the French ones. In Belgium, the minister for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken of the right Flemish party NVA refuses to give humanitarian visas to a Syrian family of four, supposedly “under the bombs in Alep”. For him, it would create a “precedent” and would mean an invasion of Belgian embassies all over war zones. He sticks to his decision, despite 2 decisions by Justice against him and one for him. He appeals to the Highest Belgian court.

The Belgian French-speaking press, very leftist in its approach, has made it top news and interviewed several judges, such as the president of the first appeal court, Luc Hennart, a judge that declares himself a “socialist and proud of it” on TV news, or a passionaria of the extreme left, the judge Manuella Cadelli, famous for having written an article some months ago, asserting that “neo-liberalism (meaning centre right parties in French) is a fascism”!

Minister Theo Francken (NVA - Centre right) steadfastly refusing to give visas to the Syrian family
Minister Theo Francken (NVA – Centre right) steadfastly refusing to give visas to the Syrian family

This judge, who is also the Chairwoman of the association of magistrates, was furiously attacking the minister on Belgian TV this week end, with the help of the husband of the ex-socialist minister of Justice Laurette Onkelinx, a socialist parasite barrister living off Socialist political cabinets, by the name of Uyttendaele. Judge Cadelli declared that the minister was taking example from Brexit or the victory of Donald Trump to imitate them. For her, “this pathetic decision by the minister is an electoral manoeuvre. This is the method of a rogue state”.

Manuela Cadelli, the leftist judge has hatefully attacked the minister and the “rogue governement”. She deserves to be fired for her declarations.

It was shocking to read or hear their hateful declarations while the minister, Theo Francken, has remained firm but very measured in its interviews, simply asserting that he continued to refuse giving these visas after 2 decisions of justice obliging him to give the visas or pay EUR 4,000/day to the family in question, and one decision reversing it. He appeals to the Highest Belgian court (cassation) and says that he will only pay the penalty payment if the government loses. The governement agrees with him even if the French-speaking Prime minister, Charles Michel, criticizes his minister for “the tone used”.

Luc Hennart, a judge, attacked the minister on TV. He is very close to the socialist party “and proud of it”.

But there is more to it: this family of potential “refugees” seeking asylum are not suffering in East Alep, if they are in Alep at all. The father has travelled freely to the Belgian embassy in Beyrouth (Lebanon) to ask for his visa. He has taken a lawyer in Belgium (a leftist collective of 31 communist lawyers, the “Progress Lawyers Network”) and he has travelled freely during the last few years to the UK and to Belgium. In other words, as the Vice Chairman of the Alep Chamber of Commerce, this Mohammed Nahhas is close to the regime of Assad! He is not a suffering civilian in East Alep, but a well connected person of West Alep who tries to come to Europe. Leftists are simply using him to attack the Belgian government.

We have great doubts about his declarations, “living under the bombs in Alep”. This is a manipulation, and what is a real scandal is the way these leftist judges cannot keep a cool head and how they show their hatred of any responsible decision about immigration, taken by the federal government.